Lyra - AI Carbon Calculator

My role

UX consultant

The team

I worked alongside the company founder

My responsibilities

  • Heuristic evaluation
  • UX consultancy for a chat bot

The challenge

Lyra is a AI carbon calculator start-up. They were developing a carbon-footprint calculator that people could use to estimate their carbon-footprint. They had not had any UX input into the project.

The project goals

Provide UX consultancy to evaluate the usability of their website and advise on the creation of a chat bot.


I conducted a heuristic evaluation on the current responsive website using Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles for interaction design. This was to identify at a high level any areas that needed to be revisited in the design, and also identify areas that did currently cover the heuristics. This allowed the client to understand areas for improvement that they could focus on.

This lead to consulting on the integration of a chat bot into the website, ensuring the questions were written, linked, branched and gave feedback in a way that provided the best experience for the user.