Poppy Wyeth

User Experience Designer

I am a User Experience Designer with over 5 years experience working both within in-house teams and agencies, serving a wide variety of industries.

I combine strong problem solving skills with creative thinking to design exceptional experiences for complex workflow applications and responsive service design projects, using a lean and agile, human centred design methodology.

My skills and experience span the following areas:

  • User Research
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Protoyping
  • User Testing

Recent projects

Roamni iOS App 2017


UX Consultant for a start-up, creating an innovative tourism iOS app. I conducted a heuristic review on the current in-progress build and delivered a report with suggested quick improvements and larger proposed changes. I was then asked to engage in a further piece of work designing these larger proposed changes in wireframes, which saw improvements to the overall Information Architecture of the system, consideration of state changes within the app (offline, logged in etc), as well as focus on ensuring smooth user journeys for the core tasks within the app.

Lyra - AI Carbon Calculator 2017

UX Consultant for a start-up, creating an AI carbon calculator. I conducted a heuristic review on the current responsive website and delivered a report with suggested improvements. This lead to consulting on the integration of a chat bot into the website, ensuring the questions were written, linked, branched and gave feedback in a way that provided the best experience for the user.

User Research and Persona Creation 2017

UX Consultant for an agency working with a US health insurance provider. I conducted research on the healthcare landscape, producing a user community map which was used to identify user interview opportunities. I assisted in the creation of interview scripts and the distillation of personas from interview recordings.

Oxford University Press Enrolment Tool 2016


Senior UX Consultant and UX Researcher in a project team at BAE Systems working alongside the Oxford University Press digital team. The role provided a heuristic review of the current design and quality assurance of the UX for build of a new learning management tool to be used by organisations which consume OUP digital content, as well as planning and carrying out end user research.

The tool provides a centralised hub and Single Sign On for all OUP content platforms, facilitating ready access. It also allows teachers and organisation staff to manage students, classes and learning assignments in a simple, intuitive and effective way, making it easy to customise the learning experience. The first release will be a MMP (minimum marketable product) which will then be built upon iteratively.

Read the Oxford University Press case study.

Lloyd's Register IDS 2016


UX Designer in a team at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, redesigning and redeveloping a complex desktop workflow application, which will be used internally across the business to manage surveys and audits carried out on ships to certify them for sailing. The diversity of systems that are currently used to perform these same tasks will be consolidated, providing a more efficient, effective and satisfying experience for the users. The first release will be a MVP (minimum viable product) which will then be built upon iteratively.

Read the Lloyd’s Register case study.

Yotel 2015


Lead UX designer working with a Visual Designer in a small agile team to make improvements to the existing site and add new functionality. A user survey was carried out on the existing site and a card sorting exercise was held with the client to prioritise the areas to address based on severity and frequency of issue. While still considering the wider user journeys, an extendable solution was designed with a consistent and improved user experience.

Vodafone Global 2015


UX designer in a team at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, redesigning the Vodafone.com experience from simply functional to a more exciting and engaging one, allowing for smooth navigation from .com to local market sites while still providing relevant content. We aimed to encourage more regular visits and longer interactions to help build a stronger digital relationship with customers.

Key areas of work included the information architecture, modular design, following a mobile first approach and atomic design principles, and enhancing the user experience through personalised content with technologies such as EngageSciences and Adobe Experience Manager.

Read the Vodafone Global case study.

Vodafone Enterprise UK 2014


UX designer in a team at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence developing a best in class user experience, supporting Vodafone’s cross-sell and acquisition strategies across all segments for its UK Business website. Within a team we produced personas and end-to-goal user journeys, which we then used to develop a working interactive and responsive prototype and a refreshed site map.

In May 2015, having been launched for around 2 months, they have reported a reduction of 20% to the bounce rate, the time spent on the home page has increased by 20% and the number of call back requests generated has increased from 25-30 a month to over 600 a month.

Kita Skincare 2014


UX designer and project manager in a team at Durable Digital designing a responsive e-commerce site for a new luxury skincare brand, and a stand alone web app to be used on multiple platforms. As Kita was a new brand, we developed a persona for the brand through a series of workshops, and then used this to develop user journeys, data flows and to produce an interactive prototype.

ECN Live Scheduling Software 2014


UX designer at Durable Digital updating functionality to the existing internal system to allow for increased sophistication of scheduling of advertising campaigns and content on their network of screens. Working closely with the users we held research workshops to understand user needs and current usability issues, which were translated into an interactive prototype using Protoshare. As this is a complex workflow application emphasis was on keeping the interface as simple as possible and using techniques such as progressive disclosure.


July 2017 — Present

User Experience Designer



November 2016 — July 2017

Freelance UX Consultant

Poppy Wyeth Consulting


August 2014 — October 2016

Senior UX Designer

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence


December 2012 — July 2014

Client Services Manager

Durable Digital


March 2011 — November 2012

Senior Account Executive

Ogilvy Primary Contact



Kevin Yuen
Head of Practice, Creative
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Poppy [...] has a very strong Human Centred Design ethos and approach, with a drive to understand user needs, and then think carefully through the experience design. She has demonstrated very strong understanding of user needs analysis and the ability to create personas...Her designs have shown an excellent appreciation of information hierarchy and consideration of interaction. She doesn’t merely copy existing patterns – she drives to create the best user experience. Her user experience specifications are meticulous and well annotated, with a good and efficient use of software design tools, in particular Axure. In her time with us, Poppy has worked on [...] some of the largest and most complex design projects that we have delivered. She played a vital role in the success of both those projects.

Evelyn Patsoule
Senior UX Consultant
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

I worked closely to Poppy for a couple of years in complex projects that required high level UX solutions. All this time I recognized her as one of the most valuable assets to the company and a great, responsible colleague who everybody appreciated for her strong UX knowledge, her creative mind, her outstanding professionalism and her brilliant character. [...] Her dedication and her planning skills always helped the team around her to work collaboratively in a better, more efficient and organized way.

Additional references are available upon request.