Vodafone Enterprise UK

My role

UX designer

The team

I worked alongside a team including another UX designer and lead UX designer, as well as a digital strategist. We also worked closely with stakeholders within Vodafone including the project lead.

My responsibilities:

  • Persona creation
  • User journeys
  • Information architecture
  • Prototyping

The challenge

Vodafone UK Business had recently gone through some strategy setting, and they needed to update the website to align with this new strategy.

The project goals

Redesign the Vodafone UK Business website to support Vodafone’s cross-sell and acquisition strategies across all segments, while providing a best in class user experience.


We worked with the client and key stakeholders to produce a set of personas that represented our users across Vodafone’s business segments. Using these personas we developed user journeys, and performed card sorting exercises to come up with our information architecture for the new site. We then used these insights to develop a working interactive and responsive prototype.


In May 2015, having been launched for around 2 months, they have reported a reduction of 20% to the bounce rate, the time spent on the home page has increased by 20% and the number of call back requests generated has increased from 25-30 a month to over 600 a month.

For more information about this project please email me.