User testing

I test hypotheses in design prototypes by asking real users real-life scenarios and capturing unbiased feedback.

Below are some examples of user testing projects I have worked on. You can also view all projects.

User testing projects

  • Tesco Recipes (2021)

    Large scale migration, redesign and integration of Tesco's 6.5k recipe repository into the main Tesco grocery website

  • Kallidus Suite integration (2020)

    Establishing a design framework that transforms all Kallidus products into a 'one-stop-shop' for a company's HR management, providing a consistent, rich and integrated experience between products.

  • Kallidus Perform delegation (2019)

    Improving the flexibility of the performance management system to ensure employees get reviewed by the most appropriate supervisor.

  • Kallidus Learn maximum launches for eLearning (2019)

    Iteration of existing eLearning functionality to provide additional configuration around the number of times a user can take an eLearning test.

  • Kallidus Learn repeat training (2018)

    Design and testing of a new feature in the learning management system to configure courses that need to be repeated periodically to hold compliance.

  • ECN Live Scheduling Software (2014)

    A redesign of advertising scheduling software for increased configuration and conflict management.